Testimonial 7

It has truly been a pleasure working with Archana, you and the team at Agama.

In my experience of working with Agama over the last year, it is commendable to note that while Archana, of course, has in-depth knowledge of her area of expertise i.e. corporate commercial transactions, amongst others, the team working under her guidance is equally equipped to ably deal with a transaction at hand.

A quality that sets Agama apart from other law firms is the adherence to time commitments – I have never had to send reminders for a deadline. Most matters were delivered on schedule and if an extension was needed due to the complexity of a matter, it was sought well in advance and not last minute.

Further,Archana making herself available for client calls at short notices and also keeping the clients informed in advance of her travel schedule/ days off (if any), reflected, at all times, the professionalism with which Agama is run.

All of the above certainly helped in building more trust when it came to a new client.

I look forward to engaging with Agama on more matters in the near future.

Wishing you the very best!