Corporate and commercial transactions and advisory

Corporate Advisory

Corporate advisory practice involves researching, analyzing and providing solutions in respect of business, commercial and corporate laws for listed and unlisted companies and private clients. We provide strategic commercial legal advice to our clients, in all areas affecting an organization from renting property to labour to sectoral laws and financial laws.

Agama works hand in hand with clients towards common goals of investment protection, sustainable growth curve or exits by key stakeholders.

We have provided strategic advisory and assistance on project related issues concerning contractual arrangements and legal and regulatory frameworks, to facilitate compliance and risk mitigation in the conduct of business of our clients

Commercial Transactions and Business Contracts

Transactional practice involves researching, preparing and reviewing the documents that bring individuals and companies together: from contracts for large corporate transactions to the closing documents for the purchase of a house.

Drawing on decades of experience of the partners, commercial transactions and business contracts has emerged as our forte and principal focus as a boutique commercial law firm. The firm brings with it added capabilities of contract management, standardization of agreements and ensuring healthy business relations for its clientele.

Our expertise in business contracts has not just depth but encompasses a large spectrum of contracts. For instance, Technology Agreements, IP Agreements, Software/SAAS Agreements, escrow agreements, employments agreements for various positions from blue collar to white collar, confidentiality agreements, corporate bonds and indemnities, logistics agreements, warehousing, 3PL agreements, financing agreements, supplier agreements, leasing agreements, franchisee agreements, media contracts, sports endorsements/management agreements, trust deeds, e – commerce agreements, online terms of use, privacy policies and click wrap agreements.