Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) is the process by which a company seeks to grow through either combining with another company or purchasing the company outright.

The Agama team of professionals are trained in facilitating this process for companies. A diverse field with many responsibilities depending on the progress of a deal, Agama provides all rounded support irrespective of the nature of the client whether start-up, listed entity or MSMEs. Our Partners are M&A specialists and highly flexible in handling a wide range of activities as needs arise.

Among others, Agama regularly advises owner-managed businesses, promoters and founders on the range of corporate agreements required to protect their rights and position assisting them in growing their business, typically by way of M&A, equity and/or debt finance, JV agreements and shareholder agreements. Clients benefit from the lead partners’ experience in a range of legal areas, such as employment, regulatory, intellectual property, foreign exchange issues surrounding the transaction and other commercial issues.

Our experience in corporate transactions also includes company acquisitions, buy outs and restructuring various types of agreements inter alia joint venture agreements, share purchase, business transfer, share subscription, asset purchase agreements, inter corporate agreements, sweat equity and ESOP documentation, limited liability partnership agreements and all other ancillary documents which support the M&A process.

Agama has successfully assisted end-to-end in various mergers, acquisitions, takeover, investments, joint ventures and change of control transactions at various stages of a company’s life cycle and in diverse sectors.