Retail expansion is required for high footfall linked customer base ‘service’ or ‘product’ businesses. Example of such a service would be healthcare – such as clinics, speciality hospitals and diagnostic centres. Example of product based business would apparel stores or FBO chains. This typically ties in with franchisee, distributorship, aggregator models of business.

Such companies typically operate in wide geographies, having large consumer base, domestic and international stores, vertical or horizontal tie-ups including through e-commerce marketplace websites. For all of these reasons, such business are susceptible to multiple regulatory risks of compliances, contractual compliances and disputes.

Agama is highly experienced in dealing with the legal and commercial issues faced by domestic and international companies in this space. The services range from implementation of strategic projects, roll-out of retail expansion in different geographies, in addition to assistance with operational and day to day issues affecting their businesses.

Agama routinely handles retail expansion for its clients at pan-India level covering almost all the states and major cities swiftly. Such assignments typically involve due diligence, corporate, real estate documentation, to ensuring compliances, and acquiring businesses, creating revenue/profit sharing business documents, franchise documentation franchisee-owned company-operated (FOCO) and franchisee-owned franchisee operated (FOFO), in various industries.

Along with transaction advisory and documentation completion, in retail related assignments, Agama is adept at handling pre-dispute situations, disputes and arbitrations in all spheres such as commercial issues, employment issues, intellectual property rights infringement issues.