Data Protection Practice

By Data Privacy Practice involves setting up culture data protection at home and on site. The advent of General Data Protection Regulation and California Privacy Act and the Indian ping pong on data regulations have made this a very dynamic area to practice law in. Agama has been recipient of 2021, Data Compliance and Cybersecurity racket mission by IBLJ. Because from early days Agama has taken up and advised multiple clients in various sectors on their Data Protection Obligations, Data Protection Contracts, Systems and Processes and overall compliance.

Specific credentials are set out below:

For education analytics organisations Agama has studied the technology and provided insight into solutions on collection of personal data including of minors in the European Union of creation of documentations including protection for the client and permissions from parents, permission from stakeholders for moving this forward. Agama has worked closely with both the association and the platform based out of India to align their policies in different jurisdictions such as North America, China, EU, UK, and India and documented data transfer protocols and data handling processes documented for these clients. China being as dynamic market Agama has assisted a client in keeping its policies in sync with the constantly updating the regulations.

Agama has been key in research, provided product related compliance and advise to a client creating a web base consumer products. Agama has advised on harmonising client policies host base in Singapore with India, New Zealand, Europe, and U.S.A.

Agama routinely advises clients on compliance with data protection regulations and preparation of do’s and don’ts. Agama also advises clients on internal changes, systemic changes to be made for compliance with requirements of EU client.

Agama advised a listed entity in the agricultural space on the protections required. Agama worked with their information technology team to review the sources of information, identify the various point of handling, and accordingly advised on the policies for data protection to be created both for internal stakeholders as well as external stakeholders.

Agama routinely advises clients in the business of creation software on data protection agreements with customers based out of U.S.A and Europe. Agama also provided assistance with a transfer impact assessment, assessing internal requirement, reviewing client requirements to check whether they are incompliance with General Data Protection Regulation to ensure full compliance by the client as well as General Data Protection Regulation compliance as a processor. Agama advised its client on their compliances first by identifying whether such entity is a controller or processor analysing the flow of data within and outside the organisation.

Agama routinely conducts data privacy compliance sessions for clients and training for inhouse team in this area.

Key Sectors: Agro and Allied Industry, E-Commerce, Education, Healthcare, Information and Technology, Travel and Tourism, Online Businesses such as Online Storage, Domain Reseller.