Succession and Estate Planning

Testamentary, Succession and Estate Planning are the areas of practice in which Agama has developed a unique proposition with reverse engineering methodology. Agama has experience dealing with various courts for obtaining Letters of Administration, Probate, Succession Certificate and Heirship Certificate for both intestate and testamentary successions. Having first-hand experience in dealing with succession documents, Agama has been able to better handle clients queries, and advise on documentation such as WILL, Joint WILL and Mutual WILL, Gift Deed, Release Deed, Family Arrangement, Trust related documentation etc , for effective estate planning.

Agama developed an efficient structure to systematically cater to the needs of clients in wealth management and preservation, trust and estate administration / litigation and further aid in family disputes through the process of mediation in ensuring that clients can secure their rights, assets, bank accounts, stock accounts and other properties with least complications.

With the sole objective of being creative and result-oriented, our team at Agama has been providing strategic legal advice in the area of succession and estate planning. Our estate and succession planning practice works closely with the disputes practice to handle a variety of contested and complicated matters relating to family agreements, wills, and succession matters.

Agama Team has carved a niche for itself and for its clients based on a strong foundation of expertise in providing our highly personalized solutions with an aim to provide options that are workable in the long term.